What are you building right now?


I only just learned of this site today from a cross posting on our hacker space about a new tutorial for KiCad circuit design. I haven’t found the tutorial yet, but I did bump into this thread. Many projects that occasionally get worked on. Ones that aren’t pure software are:

Very far behind schedule doing a single phase to three phase power converter for a friend to get an old lathe he purchased up and running,

Experimenting with making 3D printer extruder heads from glass tubing to reduce jams, make it easier to pull cold plastic out, and remove need for thermal insulation between heater at the tip and the mounting to a plastic extruder framework. At the same time trying to finish a Prussa I3, fix a commercial 3D printer from the school of the high school robotics team I mentor.

Making an electronics support board for an Arduino Mega based clipboard robot. I want to build and write a book of ‘experiment’ for programming and modifying robots that aren’t so scary that kids think you need to be a rocket scientist or have a PHD, but still be capable of a wide range of robotic activities, including blinky lights, making the LEDs brighter or dimmer, blending 3 LEDs ti make white. But also motion based experiments like driving in a square, running a maze, following a light, edge detecting a table top to move randomly without falling off, small robotic arm, ultra-sonic range finding, incorporate an axcelerometer/gyro package to improve driving in a square, remote driving with IR remote, etc. I am hoping a kit of 10 to 20 clipboard robots plus 3 to 5 kits of all the extras needed for the more advanced experiments so that a middle school classroom could all learn/experiment together and maybe some will be more excited to go into high school robotics.

I still want to build a working underwater ROV. I was in a competition for several years but never quite got it to work and I would like to prove that I can and have one to play with. It has given me a lot of experience at roll-your-own H-bridge motor drivers.

Occasional thoughts about excessive projects like individually accessible LED lights for winter icicle lights, or flowing 2D pattern LED T-shirts.

Well, that should be more than enough to start!



Wow, that’s awesome! Tons of ambitious projects there.

Perhaps this was the link your hackerspace was discussing? Which hackerspace was it?



That is the link. I don’t know how I missed it in the original post. And the hackerspace is HeatSync in Mesa, AZ.



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I am building an automated watering system for my back-deck garden using Particle and Ubidots.

Full project description here.

Comments and suggestions welcomed.




Nice project! Very well documented.


I’m finally wrapping up my last project from Contextual Electronics 2.0 - a highly modified version of CentralCommand.
Two big lessons learned - the first is that I need to include mounting holes “before” finishing the layout - hence that weird border space on the left and right. But the MUCH more important lesson was to not push the fabricator’s limits unless really needed. I found OSH Park’s limits for 4-layer boards and decided to try them all at once, on everything. The result? A 33% yield on the boards, only 2 boards out of two orders (3 boards per order) came out. But OSH Park was sympathetic and helpful. On a positive note, the steel solder stencils from OSH Stencils are fantastic! Now, on to testing so that I can move forward to Contextual Electronics 3.0.


Finishing up a signaling system my brother’s church asked me to make. Buttons make the NeoPixle do different things that allow the control room to communicate with musicians on stage. They have in-ear monitors and intercoms, but they prefer to have a light signal for certain things. This is doing the trick.

Board Assembled

Board working.

Pre-PCB mock-up/test.

Schematic. I know… I know… it’s not great.

KiCad Layout. DON’T JUDGE MEEEEE!!! I’m a hobbyist man… come on…

After seeing/using a proto-type they ordered more. (The word order would suggest I’m getting paid, I assure you I am not. It’s the Lord’s work… you donate that stuff…and there is less liability. :slight_smile: )

Just wanted to share.



Very cool. Some of my schematics are a worse. :slight_smile: It’s not our day job.


That’s a great project!

I wouldn’t worry too much about the layout, it’s all low speed signaling, correct?


I have a queue of projects simmering. Most are related to older computers as I have a number of MPUs handy including CDP1802As that I want to build something with.

My current in flight is an atomic clock for my lab using a rubidium and voltage/oven controlled oscillator that’s gps disciplined. The reason for the combo is a crystal oscillator will have better short term stability and the rubidium has better long term stability.

Why? I’m a bit of a time geek so if I’m making a precision oscillator I’m going to make the most accurate one I can within reason. Now if I could only talk someone into giving me a sample of the CSAC.


Yes sir. Low speed signaling.Just whatever the heck the NeoPixels use for communication.


ALeggeUp's Power Wheel Mod Build Log
ALeggeUp's Power Wheel Mod Build Log

At $4k each I imagine that would take a bit of talking.

ALeggeUp's Power Wheel Mod Build Log