Interested in streaming?


Hey @ChrisGammell, you mention the “Art of Electronics Workbook”, can you clarify if this is “Learning the Art of Electronics: A Hands-On Lab Course”?

I’d be curious to hear your opinion of what level (maybe in relation to CE3 Tier) would benefit from that book? I have The Art of Electronics 3rd edition, but a lot of it is over my head.


That is the correct book, also shown here:

The hands on lab course is pretty in-depth, simply because it’s trying to explain a lot of the AoE content. I think it’s actually a lot more conversational in ways, so it might be worth picking up.

My personal plan is to use it for streaming and brushing up some of my skills and discussing a lot of the basics again.


Cool, I’ll probably pick it up then, thanks.

So, when do we start?


Received my copy

Ready for some learnin’!


Did another stream last night, hoping to do some more this coming week:


Nice. The way I watched it was skipping through it quickly to see the interesting parts which were of interest for me.
So in fact I did the editing of my own :wink: You just record on full and leave the ‘editing’ up to us viewers :wink:
Might save you some time and gives us more interesting video’s to watch, raw and dirty.


Two more if people missed them:

Feedback appreciated!


I have watched a couple of these now, are you going to do more? I’d like to see some stuff about even simpler circuits if possible. Maybe stuff about the other type of transistors (pnp?) later, as those confuse me.


Sure, I was planning on doing some stuff with RC circuits tonight, we’ll see how that goes. I’ll also be looking at trying out things like the spectrum analyzer and the like.


Did some RC stuff, it gave me an opportunity to show off the spectrum analyzer:


Think I’m going do do some stuff with the logic analyzer tonight. Might try to see if I can write code to talk to a simple sensor or chip. Suggestions appreciated!


Any idea about what time? :wink:


Probably later tonight CST. Not able to really lock down a time, sadly. But will all be available after the fact (have been posting them here)






That’s 7 days straight too! woo, hit my goal!


… and then on Sunday he rested, is that symbolic? Oh wait, God only worked 6 days before resting :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Seriously though, great content, thanks for putting it out there.


…and then on Sunday, he went to a concert (like a hippie)


Wow, a friend pointed out that there are a bunch of animated gif’s on the AD2 site. This one shows the various digital functions, specifically how to view the high level signals and then zoom in for a closer look:


I have my copy too as well as the hard-bound AOE, non-lab.

Bench check (please share your setup)