Interested in streaming?


I am a big fan of watching Scanlime’s live streams. Micah is really talented at not only working through difficult reverse engineering and design processes, but also narrating the entire time.

I am wondering if people are interested in me trying something similar. I actually would focus more on fundamentals things like working through the Art of Electronics lab book or something similar, mostly brainstorming sessions on what to work on next. I might eventually try out a design session, but I’m not sure I could do that directly on camera right away at first nor would I want to do that.

Are there topics you’d like to see covered outside of project work? Would you watch live? Anything else I should consider?


An interesting idea, but I don’t know if it would seem much different than what you’re doing already. Your videos are already basically recorded live streams, just without the scheduled part.

I would be interested in seeing you work through fundamentals stuff, I would watch live if the timing worked out but chances are slim that it would, unfortunately.


Yeah, suppose this would focus more on the fundamentals part. Watching me brush up on my math might not be particularly interesting, but that’s kind of the idea.


Some things I had to figure out recently that might be inspiration for the type of things I would find helpful:

Recently @1.21Gigawatts helped me work through biasing transistors in my GTB flasher, I hadn’t realized without it that there would be an overlap where both LEDs would be on, I never would have seen that and it was super helpful. Maybe setting up something visual with your fancy equipment to show what’s happening there.

Also, bought some random LEDs on ebay a while back and needed to figure out the forward voltage drop to calculate the current limiting resistor, I hadn’t realized that my bench power supply was telling me all along, just understanding that was a good learning experience.


Welp, I tried it. Cut off at the end, I think because of the 30 second delay I put on there.


That did not turn out too bad at all. The only difficulty would be those of us in other time zones. But since the videomis posted, nothing is lost.

@ChrisGammell, Would you be announcing when and where there will be a stream?


Not sure it would be that well planned. This is meant to be a way to share my own learning. Might just post the aftermath to my build log.

However, if there are specific topics that a bunch of people are interested in, I could easily see this turning into a “recitation session”. Or if people want some free tutoring and are willing to be tutored on camera, happy to do that too (sharing the knowledge but the person being tutored gets the direct benefit).


Oh, I like the shared tutoring idea! I need to start working on my projects more so I can get stuck!


I’d be willing to volunteer for this. What kind of stuff do you normally do for tutoring?


With these live streams, is it possible for those watching the stream to participate by asking questions?


It is! There is a chat you’ll see me mention if you watch that video. I finally found the window where people were typing, so I’ll be able to interact next time. I think this forum is real-time enough to actually allow for using a thread here if all else fails.


Wow, that sounds great! I was thinking of going through the Art of Electronics Lab manual once I get back to my full lab setup. It’d be neat to follow along on some of these videos.


Hey @ChrisGammell, you mention the “Art of Electronics Workbook”, can you clarify if this is “Learning the Art of Electronics: A Hands-On Lab Course”?

I’d be curious to hear your opinion of what level (maybe in relation to CE3 Tier) would benefit from that book? I have The Art of Electronics 3rd edition, but a lot of it is over my head.


That is the correct book, also shown here:

The hands on lab course is pretty in-depth, simply because it’s trying to explain a lot of the AoE content. I think it’s actually a lot more conversational in ways, so it might be worth picking up.

My personal plan is to use it for streaming and brushing up some of my skills and discussing a lot of the basics again.


Cool, I’ll probably pick it up then, thanks.

So, when do we start?


Received my copy

Ready for some learnin’!


Did another stream last night, hoping to do some more this coming week:


Nice. The way I watched it was skipping through it quickly to see the interesting parts which were of interest for me.
So in fact I did the editing of my own :wink: You just record on full and leave the ‘editing’ up to us viewers :wink:
Might save you some time and gives us more interesting video’s to watch, raw and dirty.


Two more if people missed them:

Feedback appreciated!


I have watched a couple of these now, are you going to do more? I’d like to see some stuff about even simpler circuits if possible. Maybe stuff about the other type of transistors (pnp?) later, as those confuse me.