Happy Christmas, KiCad 6.0 is here!

What a nice present! Feel free to mention features you’re looking forward to in this release or first impressions.


I’ve been writing letters to Santa for some time now asking for this, yay!


Ah, this is great news! I did some test runs with 5.99 but didn’t feel comfortable making clients’ projects in something that was not official yet.

One feature I saw in the file format (not implemented at the time, maybe still not) was schematic wire colors. This could be helpful in some schematics, but it caught my attention for use with cabling schematics.

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Sadly, it doesn’t run under Mac Mojave, so I’ll be forced to do an OS update, which I dislike intensely :frowning:


Long time coming but faster than the Webb Telescope. Truly awesome upgrade! I will be switching over asap.

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Merry Christmas! Can’t wait to start using the new version because I am the kind of guy that likes ‘stable’ releases. The features I was expecting the most are the ones in the PCB layout editor.


I should probably also mention this, which I vaguely noticed at the top of the kicad site yesterday. We’ll be donating in the next couple of weeks to take advantage of this generous fund matching pledge.

Merry Christmas! How to install the KICAD 6.0 ? Anyone have the tutorial. I´m new here. Good to be here. I hope to help the community! :slight_smile:

You download the installer and run it. It is similar enough to KiCAD 5.x that users won’t need much, if any, help getting up and running. If you have never used KiCAD, there are a lot of really good tutorials out there. Google around and pick the one(s) that feel the most comfortable. Chris has a pretty good set here. I bet he’s working on updating them to 6.0.

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Thank you Phil. Im doing the download Kidcad6.0
Size: 1016MB Is it correct?

I have version 5.xx. "old ". Are there any problem incompatility when install kicad 6? or to clean before version 5.xx?

Blockquote[quote=“Gramacho, post:10, topic:4983”]
I have version 5.xx. "old ". Are there any problem incompatility when install kicad 6? or to clean before version 5.xx?

I didn’t have any problems. It installs in a separate directory so you can keep 5.x. It will also find your previous settings and apply them.

The only thing you need to be aware of is that if you make changes to a design with 6.0, you will not be able to open them with an earlier version.

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which plugins and libraries do you recommend installing in the new Kicad 6 version?

There are:

  • Interactive Html Bom
  • pcb-action-tools
  • Board2Pdf


  • Keyswitch Kicad Library
  • Alternate Kicad Library
  • 4ms Kicad Libraries
  • Generic Symbol Library
  • Elektuur Style Symbol Library
  • openinput library

I use interactive html BOM plugin and several of the action plugins. I’ve not installed 6.0 yet so not gone through the library selection process.

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Quick tip - to indicate a negated signal in V6 you have to use ~{name} now, just using ~name is not enough.

Also for Mac users, renaming the KiCAD folder in the Applications directory to something other than KiCAD (e.g. KiCAD5) seems to allow you to run both V6 and V5, however, once a file has been saved in V6 it is no longer compatible with V5, so make sure you have backups.


I do too and find it really good for assembling a board.


Hi everyone.
How to download a specific component or libraries from texas instruments example TMP451 and
AFBR-S4N33C013 example broadcom libraries for Kicad 6?

I’m not sure. You may get more exposure to this question in https://forum.kicad.info/ and there are 6.0 docs at https://docs.kicad.org/ but they may not cover your particular question. Hope you get an answer soon.

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Am I doing something wrong or does Kicad 6.0 no longer support ~ being changed to a bar over the text when creating pins? Is there another preferred way of showing active low?

@Graeme mentioned this a few posts up.

Quick tip - to indicate a negated signal in V6 you have to use ~{name} now, just using ~name is not enough.

Basically the text rending system has been improved a bit. On top of overbar you can do superscript and subscript, along with variable replacement. (Version/Date etc.)

I’m interested to hear what people’s thoughts are on library migration and maintenance during the testing/evaluation phase. Do you think the hassle of maintaining two versions’ worth of footprints and symbols will catalyse your shift to V6?

I’m personally, being usually on a Windows machine, very much looking forward to more plugins working, the plugin manager and curvy traces (but the latter not for any particular reason!). I was disappointed I could not get @gregdavill’s kibuzzard plugin working before so hopefully I will be able to get it working in V6.

I think I may take a while to get used to having to select an item to copy in the Schematic Editor (goodbye eeschema), rather than just hovering over it.

This might be a helpful quick start guide for people https://circuitstate.com/tutorials/how-to-install-kicad-version-6-and-organize-part-libraries/