Glue for battery holder?

While I’m in a mood to expose my shortcomings (well some of them):

I have an 18650 cell holder that is made of the cheap soft plastic. I’d like to glue it to a case, but can’t find anything that will stick to it. (1 part glue). I did rough the surface but that didn’t help. Guess I will have to try 2 part epoxy.

Any suggestions?

Polypropylene is really low-energy, i.e. difficult to glue. Even epoxy is doubtful. VHB tape, maybe.

I second VHB - especially with the activator. It sticks like nothing else.

I love hot melt glue, In cases like this I use it to hug the corners of the item (battery holder) in place.

Can you heat-stake or otherwise use mechanical means to attach it, either directly or to an intermediary that can then more easily attach to your enclosure?

drill some small holes on the base of the holder towards the outer walls. That way your adhesive can seep into the holes and out into the inside of the holder, but will not interfere with the battery.

I’ve tried a few things. Hot melt doesn’t stick to the cheap poly plastic for very long.

Got some 3M double sided tape at Lowes. Kind of thick, but good glue.

Auto parts stores sell a 3M product that is used to glue side molding on cars. There is even a marine type that is for boats and is very good.

For my application, glue is better than thick tape as there is a Z Max limit.

Thanks for the comments.

We use a really nice VHB tape from 3m: 3M 9088-200 High Performance Double Coated Tape (its not thick at all).

Otherwise good old araldite should do the trick :wink: