Zephyr Dev Summit

Hi all

If you didn’t know, the Zephyr Dev Summit is running at the moment (relevant to the ABC project of course) - there are some great talks - Thursday will be “Developing Hardware for Zephyr” - unfortunately I think registration is closed, but talks will be put on YouTube after

Thanks for the announcement! I’ve got into a few Zephyr projects this year so this could be very useful - I’ll look out for the talks on YouTube.

As an aside, are you big into Zephyr?! I’m a hardware engineer on a bit of a learning curve with Zephyr (+ Nordic Connect SDK & Nordic nRF52833). I’ve made decent progress, but it’s still not my specialisation. If you happen to have any gold nugget resources which you know of do let me know - I’m also looking to find someone who I can bring in as a more experienced consultant for some work if that fits you or you have any contacts which come recommended. Cheers!

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