Why can't I post to the Board Assembly category?

It looks like there are tons of posts in these categories, I can’t seem to post there. Why not? I have a question about Board assembly.

Hey Bob,

You’ll see that there are some categories that are actually sub categories. So the posts about Board Assembly are actually a sub-category of the “Course Posts (Projects)” or “Course Posts (Skills)”. These are postings that are generated from the actual course page. For now, especially as the forum gets going, we are asking that everyone post in the “General Electronics” section of the forum. This will allow us to figure out better categories for what users are asking about.

I decided to hide the course post categories from the front page. People in the course will still be able to access them via the “Categories” page and they will be visible in things like the “Suggested Topics” dialog. I also added some new links to the top menu “Project Posts” and “Skills Posts” for the members who are looking for those things.

Ah, so those were not meant for me anyway.