Which DMM should I be getting for the course?

I have been looking at the EEVblog DMM, because I watched him talking about it

IS this one ok? Which one do you suggest?

Dave’s meter is great! He sent me one and it has more than what we need for the course. We actually normally suggest another EEVblog favorite, the EX330:


In general there isn’t a lot of need for a lot of precision, especially at the beginning of the course. If anything, it’s a good idea to have extra fuses, as this is the most likely mistake that most people start with on a DMM.

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+1 for the EX330. I have a few DMMs and this one works great, is a good price, and is fairly compact.

Awesome, thank you for the responses!

Any thoughts about this one?

Mostly looking at local stores and wondering if it matters if I get one like this at the Frys near me.

If you are considering an Amprobe check out Dave’s EEVBlog video. He did a shootout that included the EX330, an Amprobe, and others.

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