What are you reading? August 2019 edition

What are you reading this month?

I love hearing about other peoples’ book choices and adding to my ever growing reading list. I usually split what I’m reading into business, technical and fun books, but you are welcome to post however you’d like!

  • (Still) Currently reading
    • Technical
      • RF Circuit Design - Christopher Bowick
        • Didn’t have a plan for this one other than, “I want an RF design book that’s available on kindle”. It has been ok. Was using it for my CCC talk. Lots of basics and things I still am working on learning.
      • Planar Microwave Engineering - Thomas H Lee
        • Still getting through this tome a page at a time. Hoping to have Tom on the show sometime soon. Will stop listing this one in future posts until I make more progress on this book.
    • Business
    • Enjoyment
  • Recently finished
    • Technical
    • Business
      • The Laws of Human Nature - (Audible)
        • My self help demons rear their heads again. There was some good info in here about how to deal with different personality types, including some I’ve encountered in the past. That was pretty interesting. I skipped around a bit, but liked a lot of the advice it gave for the most part. A lot of historical context that didn’t always seem relevant to the particular human nature characteristic, but it was an interesting way to showcase different humans through history who have acted effectively the same (esp tyrants, bigots, bullies, etc)
    • Enjoyment (summer reading/listening)

Technical -
C++ All-in-one for Dummies - The “Dummies” books get a bad perception because of their name. I’m pretty fluent with C# for Windows object-orientated programming but it’s been a while since using C++. I’ll be doing a lot of C++ in the near future so I wanted to brush up on it.
Test-Driven Development for Embedded C by James Grenning - Test-driven development is really how we all should be coding nowadays. But it is a shift in mind-set from what we’re all used to. I took a class with James recently so the book is re-visiting those topics in depth.

Persepolis Rising - Expanse series

Chris, thanks for leading me to “Financial Intelligence for Entrepreneurs”. I feel like that’s my next book.

I’m slowly getting back into a reading habit. I recently finished (and loved) Thin Air, it’s a worthy successor to Altered Carbon. The world of Thin Air is designed thoughtfully, and the writing is strong.

Hey, more expanse readers! Yes I just finished the last one. For my holiday reading I took “high speed digital design” after listening to an old amp hour.

I’ve been reading it pretty fast, but trying to keep on top of which parameters make the biggest difference in the equations.

There is a great section at the end that collects all the “points to remember”.

I think I will use my mill to create a set of boards I can use to try the experimental parts of the book as that’s how I learn best.

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