Video requests?


Just wondering if there are any types of videos people would like me to be making in the near term. Happy to try things out on a stream or to cover more in depth for a captured video (non-stream, more pausing/editing)

I suppose the immediate question is: What are you struggling with currently?


When looking at creating a new design, one of the things that stumps me the most is understanding pull ups and pull downs and in particular if I want to add an indicator LED how would that influence the behaviour. I have certainly used them but never with confidence. I think this topic has already been addressed somewhere on the forum. So when asked what I struggle with, that comes to mind.

There is one other topic I am struggling with but this is more KiCad related and I think I will turn to that forum. It is more of a “best practice” question for connectors. I did make a comment on this on the CE Header Footprint thread.


The couple of topics that I could think about would be:

  • Understanding circuits with current flow vs voltage drops
  • How to start a circuit design from scratch.
    • Maybe this could include how to find app notes, or how to find the parts to start designing around


I’ve really been struggling getting started with an ESP8266. Do you ever do videos about getting projects online?


You could probably start a topic for that too, I have some experience with the ESP8266 and likely others here would love to try and help out.


OK, i’ll try to do that when I get home from work tonight!


It would help to know what you are trying to do with the ESP8266. If just grabbing a couple of input values from something in the NodeMCU format, there is a “already baked” solution out there where you install firmware, configure the ESP to access your Wifi, and collect the data. No coding required. I am am not saying this will work for everyone. In my case, I am collecting temp and humidity info. and reporting it into a Home Automation system via the MQTT support.

The project is called ESPEasy.