USB Isolator recommendation


I use a USB isolator to protect my laptop when doing HV prototypes etc

I using this one:

But, sometimes it wont feed the USB through, so equipment attached on the hot side wont enumerate

I need something I can trust

Do you have a recommendation?



I’ve seen optical USB cables that exist primarily for long-haul reasons - they are not galvanically isolated as they come out of the box – but I suspect they could be modified with a DC:DC isolated module.

… and then I just looked on Amazon to see what’s available these days and see a bunch of low-cost (non-optical) isolated USB offerings – many quite inexpensive, though limited to USB full speed (12 Mbps).

Saleae recommends AllDAQ USB isolators.

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Do you need high-speed? That is the major complexity if so… I’ve used the Intona unit (, though that AllDAQ one looks a like nicer TBH so I’d probably go with that instead!

If you only need full-speed options are pretty open. I’ve used the Adafruit isolator ( successfully, no major usage just a few times here and there though, so can’t comment about long-term reliability.

I just bought the AllDAQ through Saelig.

Timely post. I spent too long just this morning fighting a noise issue. Forgot that my FPGA JTAG programmer was still connected which created a ground loop with the scope… It’s past time. Will let you know how it goes after I use it for a few days.

They look great, thanks. Just ordered a set :slight_smile:

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For a cheap and cheerful option I’ve just used this Olimex one for basic USB2 and it’s always worked well.

Nice, a lot cheaper :wink: