USB-C UFP IC Suggestions

I have been trying to design a USB-C battery charger (3S lipo) but I can never get more than 500mA out of the USB-C connector. I have been using the NXP PTN5150 but it can’t seem to get the 5V 3A that my power supply has as an output on the label.

The question I have is what have people successfully designed in or around before? Either guidance or a better data sheet would be helpful as this is an “inherited” design from another engineer and I am taking on the project to help a friend out even though I am tight on time.

Have you configured the role to be a UFP? (and connect those Rd resistors for CC1 and CC2)

You should be able to measure 5.1k ohms from CC1 to ground when not connected. If CC1/CC2 are getting pulled up when not connected, it’s probably mis configured.