Unitrode's Power Supply Design Seminars

Unitrode is a company that TI bought many years ago. They were one of the best power supply design companies in the world and TI has taken over a lot of that power supply chip prowess.

This is definitely in the realm of “intermediate” to “advanced” material but I think it’s a great resource and I wanted to share it. Lots of PDFs available for offline (ha) reading.

It won’t replace actually being in the classroom with the instructors, but is a nice supplement, especially if looking for some more niche topics like Wireless Power Transfer

Check out all the seminar material here: http://www.smps.us/Unitrode.html

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I was thinking of posting on here seeing if people new of talks (mostly) about interesting or random topics like this. While papers are nice for designing, it’s hard to get an idea of what is possible/cool new tech that is out. I didn’t really know how to ask though and I figured that most things are likely in App Notes.

But this is really cool and I’ll have to download it when I get home. Thanks for the link. I never know how to find this stuff.

This reminds me. There is an Op-Amp book on reddit, Should I link that in a new topic?

Sure, that’d be great! That’s the kind of thing the ‘resources’ section is meant for.