Tyler's Build Log


Hi CE Forum!

I am a Hardware Design Engineer in the industrial manufacturing industry. I’m hoping to learn more about designing and making electronics through CE. Over the years on and off I’ve mostly done Arduino like projects, and definitely nothing with SMD components. I’m excited to start working on the CE projects and developing new skills!


Welcome Tyler! What kind of industrial stuff have you done in the past? I love industrial electronics because the problems are usually quite interesting and the clients recognize the need for high quality electronics :smiley:


Hi Chris! Sadly no industrial electronics for me maybe someday that can change. What I’ve worked on and currently work on is the higher level electrical designs for control systems, so mostly working with PLCs, contactors, motors, larger 30KVA+ transformers, etc.


Well whoa though, that’s awesome! Sounds like some big stuff!


Shine On and Getting to Blinky have been sent to OSH Park and components ordered from Digikey.


Finally got some time to put the Getting to Blinky and Shine On boards soldered. Everything went well, first time soldering SMD components and didn’t seem to bad. Still definitely need more practice though.


I remember my first time. It was exactly the same experience. Now I have not looked back and only do SMD for most things. Connectors and electro-mechanical are usually the exception.