Tiny Tapeout - From idea to chip design in minutes!

Hi everyone, I wanted to let you know about Tiny Tapeout - it’s a way to dip your toe into the world of open source chip design. You can do it all in the web browser with no tool downloads.

After you’ve got a design you like, you can even get it manufactured on our next shuttle run - which will open for submissions on the 9th of November.

Who knows, maybe one day something like this will be help alleviate the parts shortage!

I think it is simply amazing. I did a prestudy on an ASIC design some years back
One day, a custom chip will be available as easy as we pick COTS components today (I hope)

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Just wanted to update here in case people want to give it a try. The chip ignite shuttle run has been delayed till 5th December, so there are still 10 days left to get involved.

Even if not - check out this great auto generated datasheet! https://github.com/TinyTapeout/tinytapeout-02/raw/tt02/datasheet.pdf