SWM - Published build for course work. PSU T.H. - V1

I’ve nearly done the course, I’ve actually built some ‘stuff’ over the years. I’m jumping into ‘send and fab’ build methods.

My First Project is going to be a simple PSU. Nothing Flash - a Simple 5v LM7805 linear regulator based psu. Through hole components… nothing flash. This project is more about learning to build than the actual project.

So this is going to be a simple implementation, only <5 components.

This is going to be the heart


Simple and standard implementaion < - cut and paste from the Product Specs.

I’m kinda happy with how easy it is to put images into this system BTW. Great work on that! (ctrl c +ctrl v) nice and simple.

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Welcome to the forums! I like the idea of building a power supply. It’s practical in that you can use it in other projects or to power breadboard circuits etc. And then it’s a double win if it helps guide you towards your goal of designing a pcb.

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