Steph's build log


Just recently joined CE and enjoying the videos etc. I’m almost ready to submit my Blinky to OSHpark.
Other background about me, I am a Ham Radio operator and teach the syllabus to new radio amateurs at my local club. I love to tinker with Arduino & RPi too.


Welcome Steph. I look forward to reading about you progress.


Hi Steph!

Be sure to post some photos or videos of your completed Blinky boards. You have definitely found a good crowd of tinkerers here.


Ok, I am committed, for better or for worse.

The board / gerbers has gone to Oshpark

Fingers crossed :smile:



Got the boards back from Blinky, one question. Should I be able to see through the vias if held up to the light.
It looks like they haven’t been drilled.


Unless you specify otherwise, vias are usually tented, meaning the are covered with solder mask.


Ok, I’ll put this down to a noob mistake on my part :slight_smile:


If you have any doubts, you can use a continuity tester (i.e DMM) to verify that the vias do connect the planes by probing the pads that connect to the respective vias.