Standalone AVR Programmer


I wanted to share a little project for everyone working with AVR microcontrollers.


If you have designed a piece of hardware around an AVR microcontroller, and you need to flash say 20 of them, I did not find a really good way to do that.

This project is a ZIF-socket programmer on top of a Pi to flash 28-pin AVRs with one button click. Hardware [KiCad] and software [Python, PipaOS] are Open Source, released under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License, and it borrows from many other Open Source designs, including Sparkfun’s Pi AVR Programmer HAT.

Project page, github page.


Great looking project! I always find the ZIF sockets so satisfying to use.

What are you programming the chips for? A kit of some kind? I wonder if the dearth of solutions in market is because many programmers have moved to targeting on-board programming?

Usually I do just in-system-programming with the standard 6-pin header. Then I had a client project with a socketed 328 and they wanted to run their own small batch production.

Someone suggested to add the ISP header to this board so you could do both. Makes sense.