SPICE simulation

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I’m having trouble installing LTSpice on macOS High Sierra. I install Spice and when it opens, it instructs me to update it before getting hung in the update process.

Has anyone else gone through this lesson successfully on a Mac? Did you have the same issue and if so, how did you work around it?


Most of the updates are for the new LT parts, so aren’t necessary. Have you been able to use it without doing the update?

Is this the native build? Or the Windows version installed via Wine?

Native build. I was about to go with the Windows version via Wine as a backup. The mac version seems to be non-functional without that update. :confused:

Installed the Windows version with Wine and it worked like a charm!

Ah! Weird! But glad to hear it’s working

I also had some problem while installing the LTSpice on macOS but I updated my driver and firmware from apple customer service number and made everything easy.