Source for DIP based parts


Since I’m still getting into electronics and still follow a lot of breadboard tutorials. However, I have trouble getting DIP parts sometimes which I need for breadboarded designs. I’m still learning how to do layout (found this site via KiCAD stuff) but I was wondering how I might find other parts. Should I be buying from eBay? Or AliExpress for these thing? Or should I give up on DIP parts entirely?


What kind of parts are you looking for? I’m surprised that you can’t find any on sites like Digi-key, Mouser, or Newark (for US based people). Have you looked on a site like Octopart?

Knowing what parts you are after might help though.


Agree with @ScottS, it really will depend on what you’re looking for. One thing along that line of questioning would be if you’re just looking for an exact part number or if you’re willing to look at other part numbers.

For example, chip ABCD1234 might be obsolete and really hard to get from anywhere other than eBay because it’s all “old stock”. But if you understand what the chip is actually doing, then buying ABCD1235 might be acceptable (or it might not, it’s critical to understand what the tradeoff ares when looking for replacement parts).

Another way forward if going down the replacement path would be to simply google something along those lines, “ABCD1234 replacement”. If it truly is a popular chip, it might already have been second sourced by others on the internet.