SOIC-8 footprint

I’m having problems finding the appropriate footprints. Where do I find the footprint for a SOIC-8 suitable for my 7555 timer please ?


What happens when you type 7555 in the filter when adding the component? I see one in linear.

Sorry, you’re talking about in Pcbnew. Do you have the Housings library loaded? There should be one for Housings_SOIC.

Mike is correct here, you’ll need to learn some of the default library locations. In fact, some of these may have changed since the blinky videos were made, as well as continue changing (the downside to having centralized footprint libraries).

Could you verify you’re looking in the right place, @StephF? Maybe a screenshot of what you’re seeing?

Ok, I’ve found Housing and in SMD there’s SOIC-8 3.9 x 4.9 Pitch 1.2.7