SMD Component Comparison Chart

Something that I’ve been struggling with while doing designs is knowing what the different packages are (and what alternative names they go by!) and I finally had a google for something that might help me with that. I know the Digi-key ruler has some information on it, but it’s not really what I wanted.

I came across this in my searching. And while it’s nice, it’s not as high quality as I would like. And it could be cleaned up a little. I had a quick search of the 3RoomLabs that is mentioned on the image, but didn’t see it. I could just be blind, as it’s been known to happen.

Does anyone have a better version of this or something similar? :grinning:

Perhaps we need a CE branded smd ruler


One thing I like about the image is that it has what the package looks like and not just the footprint. It allows me to confirm what I’m looking at without having to look at another page.