Sidemount RGB LED

I picked up a few of these sidemount NeoPixels(SK6812 based) from Adafruit this week. The casing of the LED is 3.9 x 1.9 mm (0.153543 x 0.0748031 inch).

This is something I’ve been wanting for a while now. It’ll be perfect for lighting up a PCB to show the user where to put an NFC card and such. With 1.9mm height, one can use 2mm acrylic to diffuse the light. Looking forward to put this on a PCB!


i used them on one of our conference badges, they’re pretty

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Does anyone know of an RGBW version of something like the APA102?


SK6812 is RGBW. post must be 20 characters.

charliex wrote:

SK6812 is RGBW.

Thanks. That will work, but I’d really like to find something that has:

  • Separate data and clock
  • A common dimming register in addition to R, G, B, and W intensity.

It’s also more than a little disconcerting that many of the datasheets I’ve found on the SK6812 cut and paste the WS2812 data sheet right down to the 24 bit control word structure and RGB (no W) LED specs.

Nervous making. More research required.


the SK’s are common enough, usual china stuff. There is also the LC8812B RGBW which is basically the same LED, still PWM,

i can’t say i’ve seen a smart RGBW in a non PWM variety. Only with a RGBW LED with an external driver. Epistar might have a controller that can be embedded.

Otherwise it’s a custom LED design order if you can’t use an external driver, and the embedded chip is available.

Hopefully someone else has a more suitable answer

Again, thanks.

I can make these work, id just prefer the clocked alternative.


yep agreed, i do prefer the apa102s style since less issues with driving them. though there is one benefit to some of the newer WS28xxx’s where it has an extra pass thru D line so if one led dies the rest work, mostly an advantage for led strips.


Yeah. I too prefer to have a separate clock. Makes coding so much easier and the extra pin is worth that cost. Would love to get something similar for APA102!