Should I start with a kit?

I’ve thought about getting those circuit boards, but have also looked at starting the Boldport club. Is that a good place to start?

My recommendation would be to think of something you want to build. To paraphrase a quote by @Chris_Gammell “The best projects come from scratching an itch”. You should get plenty of help with any questions here.
For the KiCad intro, there is Getting into Blinky.

I got back into electronics with kits for actual test and photographic gear that I was interested in. These were great value as an in-road. I started to see that with a micro, a sensor/switch and a couple of LEDs, I could be making my own gadgets - This is what lead me to CE.

I now view kits as a little like colouring by numbers. Still valuable for demonstrating circuit applications and solder practice and you don’t need the deeper knowledge. It is when you have your own project and your own problems to solve, then that is when te real learning starts.

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Yeah, Steve is spot on with this, but the point I’d add is that there is a lot of value in building your confidence. I’ve seen people who never dreamed of building electronics start to build some really complicated and interesting things, simply by being consistently curious. If a kit motivates you and moves you forward, I think that’s great.

Decided to move this out to a new topic so that we don’t muck with @tnichols build log.