Seeking Design Resources

Can anyone suggest how I might find KiCad design resources in Sydney, Australia. We need circuit design and/or PCB layout resources. Happy to provide contact details if required.

I can’t help you with local resources but circuit design and layout are skills that you probably don’t need a physical presence for. You could use someone almost anywhere in the world. It may take a bit of workflow change to make it work. I work with people across the world on my projects and have grown to like it.

@DavidM has introduced himself in the consulting forum as living in Sydney, maybe he’ll chime in.

I’m in Melbourne, but have active clients in San Francisco and Sydney/Brisbane/Adelaide, some of whom I’ve never met in person, so @phil_from_seattle certainly isn’t wrong that it can be made to work and can work well. I’d be glad to chat if you’re not finding what you need in the immediate vicinity.

@RobertPowers yes, I’m in Sydney but alas have zero KiCad skills, I’m an Eagle person with a bit of Altium.

But you and @phil_from_seattle are quite right that remote work can work well. Even though I’m in the same city as my clients, I hardly ever go in and visit them. That said, timezones can slow down time-critical work - waiting until the next day to get a simple question answered and sometimes a bit back and forth is needed. But for Sydney, anywhere from NZ to India is fairly convenient and even west coast US has a useful overlap (our morning, their afternoon).