Scott Clemens' Build Log

Hello world!
I love electronics, 3D printing, and I’m getting into CNC/laser stuff! Once I get out of the Navy I will pursure an EE degree, but for now I try to soak up as much hands-on fun as possible! I can’t wait…

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Welcome Scott! Glad you decided to join!

What kind of CNC and laser stuff are you working on?

Laser (2W) - right now I’m trying to cut a wood 6-pack holder (3mm plywood sheets), and hopefully later on I’ll be able to etch some metals with the right coat first
CNC - usually single-sided PCBs, some carbon fiber plates for drones, but I’d like to get into more 3D cuts, maybe even aluminum!

Next project: grbl limit switches

This isn’t necessarily a difficult project, it’s more of the CAD process that will be new for me. I plan on using Kicad, as I am more familiar with Eagle. I am not entirely comfortable with what Autocad has done with its current amalgamation of Eagle into Fusion 360, but it is a start in the right direction. Once the kinks have been worked out I may continue along that pathway.

I did it!

Kicad >> Flatcam >> CNCjs
Kicad >> Fusion 360

Now I just need to solder everything, attach it to my CNC, and then add it in my GRBL settings as endstops.

Ah, very cool! Thanks for introducing me to FlatCAM, I wasn’t aware of it. :)

@curious Yea I used the FlatCAM Beta version, and had to relearn/stumble through the settings as a lot had changed. Perhaps this Youtube video might help, that’s what I used.