Sam's Build Log

Hi CE Forum,

This is my CE Build Log. I have an academic background in Mechanical Engineering. And electronics, sensors, and controls seem to come up alot. So I am here to figure out the skills and tools I need to choose the right analog components and assemble them into something that works.

If anyone has any resources on enclosure design and wire harness design I would be grateful for some tips toard those resources.

I think the project I want to build is a nice desk sized segway robot. And then bust out MatLab/Simulink and create control software for it. This is kind of long way away. I will just focus on going through the tutorials on this site first.

Hi @MechaniSam, welcome! I thought your idea to condense enclosure/wire harness design resources was a great idea so I have kicked off the enclosure side of things here. Hopefully a wiring harness ninja comes along and starts a resource page for that too!

Thank you for providing a lot of knowledge @smerrett79. The idea to just do a key word search on Hackaday was really inspired.

I’m still waiting on my Wiring Harness Ninja. My best finds from Hackaday involving wire harnessing are:

  1. Bradley Gawthrop | Hackaday Talk 2017 | Wiring Bootcamp

  2. Hackaday | NASA Workmanship Standards | Wiring Harness Standards