Reply by email is now enabled

I have been meaning to set this up for a while, especially since I use the CE forum in “mailing list” mode. You should now be able to reply to a notification you get from the forum directly from your email client and it will show up in the thread.

A couple of notes about this:

  • I believe your signature will also be included. This means if you have a phone number in your signature, you might be sharing that with the forum and the rest of the internet (for public threads)
  • There could be a delay between responding and your post being shown. The email has to make it through the tubes and get processed by the Discourse box.
  • I’m unsure how images and other things may be formatted once they hit the server, so anything image heavy should probably be done directly on the forum page. There are some great copy-paste capabilities in the forum software, so that’s what I normally prefer anyway.

That’s all! If you’re getting this notice by email, please attempt to respond to it. If you’d like to enable mailing list mode, go to ` YOUR USERNAME /preferences/emails, it should look similar to below:

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