Recommendation of amplifer

Hi all, I intend to buy an amplifier op97 for my radio after reading a detailed introduction article about this device, here’s the link: op97 datasheet My friends told me that the amplifier TPA3138D2 is more popular. But I have no idea what is the difference? Which one is better?
So I have a question: can these two be used interchangeably?

Assuming you’re looking for an audio amplifier for your radio?
Looks like OP97 is an Analog Device basic Op-Amp, This by itself will not work as an audio amp, with a lot of work and other components, it could but would be very difficult.

the TI audio Amplifiers are good, TPA3138 includes almost everything needed. unfortunately, due to ongoing component shortages, all the TI audio chips are hard to come by.

If this is going into a design/product… well… good luck…

If this is a one off, for fun, I would find a good EVM or get a board from the ones with DSP can be pretty fun to mess around with.

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These two devices are very different; the OP97 is a high-precision op-amp (operational amplifier) that is used for relatively low power designs, and the TPA3138D2 is a medium power audio amplifier. The two devices are definitely not interchangeable. Are you looking for an audio amplifier to drive a speaker or pair of speakers (stereo)?

As mentioned those are completely different parts for different applications. Do you need a power amplifier or a signal amplifier?