Recommendation for PCB and assembly


We are using a PCB manufacturer that has had via delaminations a couple of years ago and I am seeking a new potential supplier

We do mostly 4 layer PCB and no fancy ultra fine pitch devices, so standard 5mil process is ok

On top of that we do our own assembly but are looking at that also, since support cost in our organization is quite high

We order millions of PCBs per year, but I am also interested in lower volumes, of course also interested in minimum price

Currently, for assembly we have prices at 0.002 USD per SMD. PCB is about 1.6 cent per cm2 (4layer standard stack up)

Anyone that has rexommations?



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Dunno where you are located, but I’m in Norway. My current goto is located in Belgium/Hungary and they deliver worldwide. The quality is really good and their online tools for PCBA prep are the best I’ve seen. They automatically check all your footprints and show them to you on a rendered version of the board. You can do tweaks right in the browser.

Standard delivery in 4 days (from upload to finished board on your doorstep), but you can pay to get this down to 2 (boards done in one day, UPS delivery in the next). If you upload your files, you’ll instantly get a quote for PCB’s. PCBA pricing isn’t instant, but it’s pretty fast depending on time of day you upload BOM & CPL. PCBA typically adds 3-5 days to the delivery time, depending on how smooth the sourcing of parts are. Their service will suggest replacement parts if anything is missing, but you’ll do the selection yourself. I use them for all my customers that want high quality boards.

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I am located in Denmark

We use air freight. Supposedly we can reduce cost by almost 10% going to sea instead. But that is a fight I need to take with Purchase. They want it easy and flexible at a premium

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