Recommendation for a budget, portable scope (kid friendly!)

Hi again! one of those days where i seem to be in need of the community!

I am looking for a lower budget scope that is battery powered, portable and has a screen; primarily as something i can throw in my workbag, but also my son is showing an interest, so I figure a simple portable scope that he can go nuts on won’t be a bad thing. I have an AD2, but the need for a laptop has become a pain and waveforms is a bit over the top for my son.

Top of the list is the FNIRSI DSO-TC3 (around €60) which is 500KHz, has a basic function gen, component tester etc - all round gets some decent reviews (for example in Elektor). But I’m considering just for fun (and a kit to play with) one of the little DSO138 mini kits (200KHz bandwidth): - which is about half the price of the DSO-TC3 (though, I can actually get the DSO138!) - or maybe even convert a pico i have lying around… (though to be honest, having a fully built and tested product is probably worth the extra money these days!)

does anyone else have a favourite?