Quetzal's Build Log


Software engineer moving into embedded, this is my first build log post.


Welcome to the site!


Still waiting on first PCB from Oshpark… however the course has already been helpful at work. I was required to choose some ICs and was able to understand the “package” concept thanks to the Shine On project and match up the IC packages with available dev kits and Schmartboards. I am excited to try my first surface mount soldering.

I have a couple projects in mind:

  1. a step sequencer for a baby synth (just plain square wave or something) with 7-segment readout for the steps and voltage programmed with a pot.
  2. a USB sniffer… I have used Wireshark to debug USB before but it was a bit much for my purposes. I usually just want to double check whether some expected value is present or not. I am envisioning a USB input and output (maybe another pair for USB types A and B) and a second output that will output all the USB traffic encoded as HID plain text which could be then just be pointed at any text input on any computer for logging.


Success on 2/3 boards! (Managed to drag solder between just about every contact on the first one!) This first project was fun, I am excited to start on the next one.


If 2 boards worked, what’s happening with #3? Would this be a candidate for a troubleshooting exercise?