Project plans for the holidays?

Is anyone planning a fun project for the traditional holiday break? I though I might share on particularly geeky one that I’m hoping to have (mostly) done by the 25th.

As a gift, I’ve been building something like this, but with larger, 4” LCDs, ambient light sensing (to adjust the backlight), auto time setting via WWVB and humidity/temperature (local and remote) reporting. Each family member (e.g., grandkid) will be supplying pictures of themselves holding the numerals 0 through 9, in different forms. Yeah, we’re _that geeky.

I do have the feeling that I’ll still be doing some debugging over the break. Fingers crossed on that I can focus on sleeping off holiday dinners instead.

What are you working on?

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That’s a great project and an awesome logo!

On the work side, I love this time of year for catching up on things. Just stuff I have wanted to do all year and haven’t. Might be content, new boards, etc. I also usually try to do a deep clean of my desk and lab, so I think there will be some reconfiguration during the break. I am also working on my portfolio site for consulting, which is a larger challenge I might put out to the forum.


I am currently having much of my life force drained by our yearly inventory. We have what is widely considered to be the worst accounting/inventory management software on earth and it’s a mind numbingly bad time to work with. Couple that with employees who half of really don’t care and a company controller who never removes old unused components from the counts. I hate my life right now. Merry Christmas everybody!

You might consider moving your stock of old unused components to a locked cabinet and let your controller put his lock on the cabinet. No more counting! :slight_smile:

Another issue I have encountered is having to count small hardware items like screws and washers, particularly when bought in high-quantity boxes. One option is to count approximately by weight, and accept the error and adjustment when a box runs out early. Another option that might be suitable is to only keep full boxes in inventory, and expense a box to job or shop overhead when you open a new one.


I’m hoping in the next few days to get around to a 3D printing+neopixels christmas tree project. I’m thinking ornament sized, but not sure. Just using parts I’ve got on-hand right now.