Problems registering for a course?

Hi all,

I have been aware of Contextual Electronics for quite sometime now, thanks to all the Youtube videos and podcasts Chris has been churning out. While I finally decided to take a leap and register for a course, I encounter an issue. Unfortunately, I cannot attach the picture.
For the reference I am trying to subscribe for the Journeyman membership, and unable to load the section for entering card details. Along with the message of a 'critical error on the website*. Curious to know if anyone else is facing/faced a similar issue, and if there was a workaround? For more background I tried through Google Chrome and MS Edge, and also for Apprentice membership. Issue persists.


Hey Rish,

I just updated some plugins on the site, you should be able to try again. If that doesn’t work and you’re still interested, shoot me a DM on this forum.


Hey Chris,

It worked, thanks much!