Printed transistors @Chris

Just saw this article on printed transistors

I know Chris has been talking about this, that it is coming in the future

Is it real?

Real in the sense that it’s been demonstrated in the lab.

It will require a lot of investment to turn it into a product.

I expect that applications that need large arrays of transistors where density is not critical are the only ones likely to fund it. Displays are the first things that come to mind IF these offer and advantage over the existing processes. I don’t expect to see us plebes with a transistor printer any time soon unless it’s a fall out of another demand.


There is not enough detail in that article to tell if this is something a high-competence hobbyist could do. Info about things like geometries, chemical availability and processes are needed to understand how hard it would be. I’d like to know more. There probably won’t be readily available printers but there is a pretty robust DIY community out there.

When I was a kid (late 60s) I was fascinated by a Scientific American Amateur Scientist column about making thick film transistors. Fairly approachable process. My mom (rightly) refused to let me use the oven.