Posting to Contextual Electronics or other forums


I have been here for a while. Seen quite a few questions on electronics, with good questions and good answers

However, there is google groups and other forums with a lot of very experienced engineers, so I was wondering, why another group?

I get the questions about consulting, which is better kept for invited members only, but for other inquiries I think it would be better to resort to existing groups, also benefitting the collective knowledge

What’s your opinion?



re: why another group: the same could be said for religions. :stuck_out_tongue: Or Linux distributions…

An old ham radio friend joked to me once, if there are three hams in a town there will be two clubs.

I recommend you read Jorge Borges “The Library of Babel.” I was going to make an insightful comparison with organizing knowledge and the futility of it and that story, but never mind. That story is just good, you should read it.


I might read that one day

My point was that for example in Google Groups, which inherited Usenet archives back to 1982, you have close to 40 years of knowledge (Q and As). So asking a relatively simple question, can surely be found using google in a couple of minutes.

On the other hand, if the answer is not known, and you in fact go ahead and post a question, in Google Groups you have an enormous knowledge base, instead of a closed forum like Contextual Electronics, and the correspondence is archived for others to read/gain knowledge

I just wanted to convey my experience, that Google Groups is a really great way to learn and contribute

Yeah, there are lots of options out there. Sometimes it’s the group you know, or hopefully in the case of this forum, a friendlier group than all the rest. I have been on some of the large forums in the past and been put off by nasty and/or tone deaf comments. I don’t want that here.

We always encourage people to search first, but a good question will not go unanswered, if we can help it.

I am a part a couple of groups, and sometimes, especially around election time, there is quite a bit of off topic rants

It’s amazing that well educated engineers can discuss fake news oblivious of facts happening around them