Podcasts for 2021

People shared some good podcasts last year and the year before, let’s keep it going.

I just noticed The Prepared podcast has started up again. I believe when @ChrisGammell interviewed The Prepared creator Spencer Wright on The Amp Hour (episode 405) he called it the “99% Invisible of engineering podcasts”. Maybe I am imagining that, it’s a good description anyway.


Oh wonderful! I hadn’t heard The Prepared started back up. I had pushed Spencer to interview people remotely when he started (he focused primarily on in person NYC interviews). I’m guessing the pandemic has changed the realism of doing all in-person interviews. I really enjoyed past shows though!

I was put onto the Lex Fridman podcast when he had an AI expert on (this episode) and that was good. The other shows are of varying quality of guests (Elon, you’re ridiculous :slightly_smiling_face: ), but I keep an eye on it.

I listen to the Prof G Show with Scott Galloway. He’s an NYC professor in the business school. A bit over the top sometimes as a persona, but his guests are great and it’s pretty much the only way I can stomach news about startups in general. He and Kara Swisher do a joint podcast called Pivot that is good as well. I enjoy their back and forth. I previously had not given Kara a fair shake, but I can see what people like about her. She has a sharp wit and biting commentary, especially when it comes to the ridiculous matters of silicon valley.

Oh yeah, and the site that hosts this forum, Contextual Electronics also has a podcast now! :smiley: I’m trying to focus it on how people are using electronics (you know, “context” and all), instead of just diving into the depths of how things work (that’s what The Amp Hour focuses on). This allows me to talk to people like Conservify in the latest show. They’re not doing anything out of the ordinary, electronics wise. However, they’re putting electronics into really interesting environments to help environmental science.


I started listening to “MacroFab Engineering Podcast” and “Pick, Place, Podcast”
Both shows are great, few years ago the AmpHour was the only electronics podcast I found, I’m happy that we are starting to see more.

I also like the “Predictable Designs Podcast” which is about hardware startups.

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@ChrisGammell you were totally right about remote interviews! And I should have been doing them a lot more during shutdowns. But, I’m finally in a place when I can devote a bit more energy to podcasting and I’m hoping to maintain momentum better in 2021!

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I will start calling you every Monday and asking if you are publishing a podcast. Deal? :smiley:

(please do the same form me, good LORD is it hard to stay consistent)

Also, how do we convince Kane to make his newsletter interviews into a podcast as well? I emailed him to ask, but he said no the first time. I’ll just have to stay consistent there too.

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Another good podcast that I haven’t mentioned on here yet is the Restart Radio Podcast which focuses on repairability and repair work.