Podcasts for 2020

There’s a new podcast from Marki Microwave that’s not terrible, especially since it’s from a company (which usually means it’s a repackaging of webinars that were somehow conducted in a bathroom over a 1920s telephone). They cover a lot of weird topics specific to making microwave components. The first episode was very navel gaze-y (they just talk about the business itself) but the other stuff is interesting. I hope to have the Marki folks on The Amp Hour at some point.

Also I always recommend The Macrofab Engineering Podcast. This episode talking about sourcing issues from Coronavirus with Chris Church (Parker and Chris started Macrofab) is pretty good.

I’m a bit short on other technical podcasts. I did the trial of Audm, which reads you stories from the likes of The New Yorker and Rolling Stone long form articles, which I liked, but I balked at the price ($60/year). I had a thought about starting a service that somehow gives a synopsis of technical articles in audio format, because I really would like to learn while I’m on the go, even if only passively. If people know of a service like this, I’d love to hear about it. I rather enjoyed the “Great Courses” series on Audible, but again, there wasn’t a ton of technical content and it was hit or miss on the quality of the stuff there. I really really enjoyed the “energy lectures”, mentioned in a previous book review.


Just made this thread public in case the broader community is interested in the thread. Noted any links to consultant forum only links

Not strictly technical I guess, but for anyone interested in information security, I highly recommend Risky Business: https://risky.biz/

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Since we are in COVID lockdown, more time for podcasts. Keep them coming.

I’ve really been getting into Co-Recursive which features interesting programming and computer science related interviews.

I have also been enjoying my Audm trial and have thus consumed way more long-form articles than I would normally manage (thanks for the tip @ChrisGammell). It is really U.S.A centric though so I am not sure I will spring for the subscription either since I am in Europe (plus the content is super locked down into the app, would prefer if I could just add it as another podcast feed).

Does anyone subscribe to the audio version of the Economist? I’m curious, I don’t have the stamina to read the magazine but I think I would be interested in the content.

I used to split the subscription with my Dad, he would take the paper version, I would take the audio. It is a TON of content. All of it very good and read to you by a person with a very proper and pleasant British accent. My argument against it is much like @kaspar’s with the Audm stuff: It’s all captive in their app. But it’s quite good, and much more worldly than the Audm content. The technology section was lacking when I used to have it, but perhaps it has improved in the 4 years since I had the subscription.

I sometimes did the £12 for 12 issues thing and also sometimes err… downloaded the audio version (ahrrg!). Mostly for the tech section.

I agree the Economists is often well written but in the past I was less aware of it’s inherent biases. Would suggest a dosage of the Citations Needed podcast, especialy Episode 98: "The Refined Sociopathy of The Economist" to go with it.

I actually wrote a post about podcasts and courses to look at while trapped at home on the OnlineComponents blog

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Since I am guessing the forum prevented you from posting the link, for everyone’s convenience: https://www.onlinecomponents.com/blogpost/226-podcasts-courses-for-engineering-people-staying-at-home

Thanks Kaspar - new to the forum - will add it to my regular stops

I really like Robinhood’s Snacks Daily podcast. It’s lighthearted business news that helps keep me sharp on business strategy and stock market news. Plus I think the guys who host it are pretty entertaining.

I also really like Getting Curious with Jonathan van Ness. Jonathan is a great interviewer. He likes to put out a pretty queeny vibe, but he asks a lot of really good and challenging questions to his guests. It’s a great way to get a good look at a field you wouldn’t normally know much about in an hour or so.

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Discovered this today: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/audio/2020-06-10/introducing-foundering-podcast

Pretty good, I’m sure some of you are like me an enjoy a good startup post mortem

I like a post mortem as much as the next person, but I don’t need a serialized podcast to explain to me what a doinkus Adam Neumann is. Ugh, WeWork! :slight_smile:

Doinkus like a fox.

“In October 2019, Neumann received close to $1.7 billion from stakeholder SoftBank for stepping down from WeWork’s board and severing most of his ties to the company. He was retained as a consultant with an annual salary of $46 million.”

Nice work if you can get it!

Yeah, only took him destroying about $44B in perceived value for them to pay him off to get the heck out of the way (though I saw an article that it might not happen now). I too hope to fail my way to riches someday.

This all said, I guess I could see why it might make for an interesting podcast :smiley:

If you do find disaster stories about startups and the personalities that cause them entertaining, but maybe with more of a comedic twist there’s also The Dollop and Behind The Bastards.

They don’t only cover startups and often what they cover is more historical but I know The Dollop did Uber and Behind The Bastards did Elon Musk recently.

I’d missed this thread! I mainly listened to The Amp Hour, Embedded, Hackaday and MacroFab. I have a couple of suggestions which I haven’t seen mentioned:

  • 3D Printing Today - Podcast which covers both hobby and professional level printing, worth listening to if you do any 3D printing. I’ve got more and more into 3D printing boards for fit/feel testing in the last year!
  • OnTrack with Judy Warner - Altiums general PCB design podcast. They have some really interesting guests on and it has pointed me at a few interesting resources. Unfortunately they tend to tease a lot of talks at AltiumLive and skip the good stuff. Still worth checking out.

I’ve also listened to a few a Hello Blink shows and enjoyed them so far.

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I am really enjoying On The Metal from http://oxide.computer, and very much looking forward to Season 2. Delightful mix of retro and embedded chat (or “tales from the hardware/software interface”) with people who really know their stuff.


WeWork was his fifth attempt at a business. So, the lesson is, if you also want to fail your way to the top, you need to practice.