Podcasts for 2020

Some of us shared some of our favorite podcasts ( only members of the consultant forum can see this link) last year but the podcasting world moves fast. What are people listening to? (Besides the Amp Hour and never the evil rival podcast Embedded.fm of course.)

I came across Hello Blink which was recently started by some consultants/hardware people: Shawn Hymel (formerly Sparkfun) and Harris Kenny.

I have also been listening to Akimbo which I talked a bit more about in my recent consultant life check-in (Editor’s note: only members of the consultant forum can see this link).

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Links from the first thread from a year ago:

I will have to check out Hello Blink and Akimbo. For anyone who hasn’t tried it out yet, the Hackaday Podcast is always a good listen. Short Wave from NPR is a quick ~10-12 minute daily show that I have picked up recently.


There’s a new podcast from Marki Microwave that’s not terrible, especially since it’s from a company (which usually means it’s a repackaging of webinars that were somehow conducted in a bathroom over a 1920s telephone). They cover a lot of weird topics specific to making microwave components. The first episode was very navel gaze-y (they just talk about the business itself) but the other stuff is interesting. I hope to have the Marki folks on The Amp Hour at some point.

Also I always recommend The Macrofab Engineering Podcast. This episode talking about sourcing issues from Coronavirus with Chris Church (Parker and Chris started Macrofab) is pretty good.

I’m a bit short on other technical podcasts. I did the trial of Audm, which reads you stories from the likes of The New Yorker and Rolling Stone long form articles, which I liked, but I balked at the price ($60/year). I had a thought about starting a service that somehow gives a synopsis of technical articles in audio format, because I really would like to learn while I’m on the go, even if only passively. If people know of a service like this, I’d love to hear about it. I rather enjoyed the “Great Courses” series on Audible, but again, there wasn’t a ton of technical content and it was hit or miss on the quality of the stuff there. I really really enjoyed the “energy lectures”, mentioned in a previous book review.

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Just made this thread public in case the broader community is interested in the thread. Noted any links to consultant forum only links

Not strictly technical I guess, but for anyone interested in information security, I highly recommend Risky Business: https://risky.biz/