Podcasts for 2020

Does anyone subscribe to the audio version of the Economist? I’m curious, I don’t have the stamina to read the magazine but I think I would be interested in the content.

I used to split the subscription with my Dad, he would take the paper version, I would take the audio. It is a TON of content. All of it very good and read to you by a person with a very proper and pleasant British accent. My argument against it is much like @kaspar’s with the Audm stuff: It’s all captive in their app. But it’s quite good, and much more worldly than the Audm content. The technology section was lacking when I used to have it, but perhaps it has improved in the 4 years since I had the subscription.

I sometimes did the £12 for 12 issues thing and also sometimes err… downloaded the audio version (ahrrg!). Mostly for the tech section.

I agree the Economists is often well written but in the past I was less aware of it’s inherent biases. Would suggest a dosage of the Citations Needed podcast, especialy Episode 98: "The Refined Sociopathy of The Economist" to go with it.

I actually wrote a post about podcasts and courses to look at while trapped at home on the OnlineComponents blog

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Since I am guessing the forum prevented you from posting the link, for everyone’s convenience: https://www.onlinecomponents.com/blogpost/226-podcasts-courses-for-engineering-people-staying-at-home

Thanks Kaspar - new to the forum - will add it to my regular stops

I really like Robinhood’s Snacks Daily podcast. It’s lighthearted business news that helps keep me sharp on business strategy and stock market news. Plus I think the guys who host it are pretty entertaining.

I also really like Getting Curious with Jonathan van Ness. Jonathan is a great interviewer. He likes to put out a pretty queeny vibe, but he asks a lot of really good and challenging questions to his guests. It’s a great way to get a good look at a field you wouldn’t normally know much about in an hour or so.

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Discovered this today: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/audio/2020-06-10/introducing-foundering-podcast

Pretty good, I’m sure some of you are like me an enjoy a good startup post mortem

I like a post mortem as much as the next person, but I don’t need a serialized podcast to explain to me what a doinkus Adam Neumann is. Ugh, WeWork! :slight_smile:

Doinkus like a fox.

“In October 2019, Neumann received close to $1.7 billion from stakeholder SoftBank for stepping down from WeWork’s board and severing most of his ties to the company. He was retained as a consultant with an annual salary of $46 million.”

Nice work if you can get it!

Yeah, only took him destroying about $44B in perceived value for them to pay him off to get the heck out of the way (though I saw an article that it might not happen now). I too hope to fail my way to riches someday.

This all said, I guess I could see why it might make for an interesting podcast :smiley:

If you do find disaster stories about startups and the personalities that cause them entertaining, but maybe with more of a comedic twist there’s also The Dollop and Behind The Bastards.

They don’t only cover startups and often what they cover is more historical but I know The Dollop did Uber and Behind The Bastards did Elon Musk recently.

I’d missed this thread! I mainly listened to The Amp Hour, Embedded, Hackaday and MacroFab. I have a couple of suggestions which I haven’t seen mentioned:

  • 3D Printing Today - Podcast which covers both hobby and professional level printing, worth listening to if you do any 3D printing. I’ve got more and more into 3D printing boards for fit/feel testing in the last year!
  • OnTrack with Judy Warner - Altiums general PCB design podcast. They have some really interesting guests on and it has pointed me at a few interesting resources. Unfortunately they tend to tease a lot of talks at AltiumLive and skip the good stuff. Still worth checking out.

I’ve also listened to a few a Hello Blink shows and enjoyed them so far.

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I am really enjoying On The Metal from http://oxide.computer, and very much looking forward to Season 2. Delightful mix of retro and embedded chat (or “tales from the hardware/software interface”) with people who really know their stuff.


WeWork was his fifth attempt at a business. So, the lesson is, if you also want to fail your way to the top, you need to practice.

He is more like the most successful con man in history. It’s just a complete shame to think what that money would do if invested in actual businesses.

Really dodged a bullet that it never hit IPO

Engineering Commons


Not as good as amp Hour by far

Looks like the latest episode is from 2018 so it seems like it’s wound down now. My favorite episode from the Engineering Commons was when they interviewed iFixit CEO Kyle Wiens:


Hi @kaspar just saw this and wanted to say thanks for sharing :grin: Hope you’re still enjoying the show, if you have any feedback please let me or @ShawnHymel know!