PCBs - Not Just for Circuits!



Turned out to be way cheaper than having a custom sign made, especially a gold-plated one :slight_smile:


Is that ENIG over black FR4? Drool


ENIG yes, but just regular old FR-4 with black solder mask. Kinda regretting not having gotten purple now, but whatever. Also made the stupid rookie mistake of getting copper on only one side to (supposedly) save money, but fortunately the warping is such that I can just push it out from behind.


Hmm, I needed an {office, desk} nameplate anyway (:

Is it matte? Warping notwithstanding, looks pretty good from here!


Massive high five on this. I think I might do the same!


That looks awesome! How much was it for a PCB that size?


This is really cool, I’ve been mulling a similar (though significantly smaller) idea for a family member’s wedding. Was it difficult to find someone to manufacture something that large?


Yes, it’s matte. 800 x 500 x 3mm board was $260 including shipping. Did these a while back, too:



Except yours will double as an antenna, I’m sure! :grinning:


that is super neat !


Where did you get 3 mm boards? All I can find with pcbshopper.com is 2 mm. But it is much cheaper, at least if you need more than one: 800x500x2mm, 2 layer with ENIG and black matte solder mask, e.g. from allpcb for $306 shipped, for 5 PCBs.


Just as I was snapping and cleaning my business cards from the panels, I got the forum email notification for this post, nice logo & sign!


2 or 2.4mm would have been fine, 3mm is overkill. When I went to AllPCB, 800x500mm was not an option, max size was significantly smaller. Maybe word got around…


This wins hands down over my business card PCBs I made last December. Great idea, I think I might steal the concept. :sunglasses:


Mounted, using the world’s largest PCB standoffs and 1/2-inch brass socket-head bolts.


That is really damn sweet!


And we thought PCB signs and business cards were cool. Here’s another creative idea…

Strange Parts Steel Business Cards