PC Motherboard layout course

Hey I was trying to find an episode or link of someone that was interviewed on the podcast. There was an episode where the interviewee taught a class on motherboard layout. Does anyone know which episode this was or a link to the person/web page that has this course that I’m talking about?

Thanks in advance!

Perhaps Fedevel Academy?
He does a lot of high-speed design in his courses.

What aspects of motherboard design do you want to pursue?

Eric Bogatin has some great books on signal and power integrity.
These are topics that are key to motherboard design.
These are a bit theoretical but simplified a lot. Little math etc.

Lee Ritchey has a great book called “Right The First Time” on a similar topic. Probably more on the practical aspects than Bogatin. Stackup, board manufacturing, etc.

Otherwise, you can check out Rick Hartley. He has a lot of great content on PCB stack-up planning and other aspects that come into play in high-speed designs.


Thanks for all the resources! It’s just something I’m looking into for a side project I’m considering. I like learning as much as I can about hardware design.

I’d love to make a simple pcie interface device, just to learn and for the experience.