Ozzloy build log

hello, world!

i’ve been doing software for 20+ years, and dabbling in robotics for about 10 years. i’m looking to make my robot have a rechargeable battery, and charge via solar panel. it would be cool to make a keyboard too.

i really like how this has a focus on kicad. it’s important to me that all my work is done using libre software.

Welcome @ozzloy!

Lots of cool sub-projects to work on in that robot project. Where do you think you’ll start?

i’d like to make a keyboard!

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just finished laying out blinky and ordering parts.

i’m not sure where to start. i’ve looked into those things but never felt confident that i could make progress on any of them. i’m hoping i can find guidance through this forum on how.

the most important thing would be to make the robot run off of a rechargeable battery.

i’ve ordered parts on digikey for blinky! i’m wondering if i could get some feedback on the parts.

you can see what i ordered here:

i didn’t find exactly what was in the blinky 4.0 part ordering video. i’m not sure what the important aspects are of the components. for example, the timer says it’s 2.5MHZ, and i’m hoping that doesn’t mean it blinks so fast, i can’t tell. i’m also not sure what SOIC means.

i also wasn’t sure about the LED. i know different LEDs require different voltages and i’m not sure if the one i got is suitable.

any feedback is much appreciated!

components arrived! still waiting on circuit board.

in the meantime, i’m following “The REAL Ergonomic Keyboard Endgame!” - How To Design & Make A Totally Custom Keyboard - YouTube
i’m drawing connections between parts. when the blinky PCB arrives and i solder it up and it works, i’ll go ahead and order this PCB and parts.

that’s my current plan.

one struggle that i had was when i clicked on a pad in the generated pcb, kicad did not highlight anything it was supposed to be connected to. embarrasingly, i was stuck on this for a couple of days. when i started to write this post, i tried one more time and realized i have to start drawing a wire, and then the things it needs to be connected to will highlight.

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