Ordering all the parts in the beginning

Hi, I just started today and I ordered the parts needed for the first project (AD2, and the parts from Digikey related to “Shine On You Crazy KiCad” project).
Since I’m living outside of the United States the shipping time is always long (2 to 5 weeks usually), So my question is if I can get a list of the parts used in all the skills and projects so I can order all of them now (not including the OSH park boards since I want to design those myself)

Welcome @Qushery, there is no general shopping list for the projects. One reason is that we are not actually bound to use those parts presented, plus their availability could change over time. Though this is not likely with the initial blinky projects, it would be a tough precedence to maintain for the larger, more complex projects. @ChrisGammell could comment further.

I am surprised with the 2 to 5 weeks lead time for parts. I use Digikey in Germany and the lead time is 4 days tops - but therefore the delivery charges are quite high, in which case it pays to do what you are trying to achieve; buy in batches. I usually have a couple of projects in the pipeline, so the buying in batches works OK. While waiting for one lot, I can spend some time on the next project. The other option is to try the buy locally.

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Thank you Steve.
I’m in Saudi so I usually need to pay more and wait more for shipping.
in digikey I ordered the parts for the first project and a raspberry pi and the shipping cost was 60$ for the slow option, and there’s a fast option (fedex or UPS) but that would cost 120$.
After some thinking I think it would be cheaper to use free shipping to a US address and have the mail forwarded to me (that way the shipping cost will be 17$ per kilogram) .
The worst part is that all the component are super cheap but the shipping is super high (compared to other stores I usually buy from, I think digikey should look into working with other companies or try to get a better deal from fedex, other stores can ship bigger boxes a lot cheaper (like with 25% of digikey’s rate) ,do you think because they are electronic parts carriers treat them diffrently ?

Try to find a (more) local supplier. Maybe Farnell or Mouser have a better shipping situation for your destination?

Thanks for the reply @simp .
I’m in a smaller city in the south of Saudi so there’s no hope of local suppliers of electronics.

I just browsed Farnell and Mouser, Mouser have a lot better shipping rate than Digikey (Fedex shipping is 40$ compared to 120$ at Digikey), Thanks a lot this will help a lot