Open Source C projects?

Hello everyone, I wanted to know how we can contribute to open source projets (written in C) related to Embedded Systems.

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There are many ways to contribute; writing code, documentation, testing, moderating communities, triaging bugs…

First thing is to find a project that you want to contribute to. GitHub is a good place to start, but it can be a little hard to navigate. Honestly, try searching for “open source Embedded C” and see what comes up.

To start contributing, it’s as easy as opening a pull request. If you don’t know what to contribute, just start using the project. Testing that latest commits work or reporting new bugs is an easier (and welcome) place to start and it’ is a lot more approachable than just diving right in with code.


You might also look to the infrastructure libraries that relate to your areas of interest (communication, sensor fusion, RTOS, etc.), and join their communitities to assist in the effort.

As you look for a community you resonate with, it’s useful to consider not just the project’s goals but also the project itself. I’ve found this essay to be generally accurate as a framework for open source projects: The 5 Types of Open Source Projects - WackoWiki