Omar's Build Log

Hallo folks,

I am obviously new to CE and I am also still a beginner in designing and building hardware. I am pursuing my electrical and electronics engineering degree in Germany as well as working in a part-time job at a research institute.

I am probably going to post about issues (regarding KiCad and general electronics) that I face during work assignments and private projects. I am looking forward to learning from you and contributing to the CE-Community

I am currently having a problem with importing a dxf file in KiCad: it somehow says that the file does not include any graphics. I tried to import it through “import” and with “footprint editor”, but it did not work. In the uploaded screeshot you can see the error and the outline that i am trying to import. Any tipps?

Hi Omar,

Welcome to the site. It will be interesting to hear about what you are working on for your personal projects.

General electronics questions are certainly welcome and some KiCad questions also. But if you want a quicker answer for KiCad specific questions (i.e. this one is out of my league) then I would thoroughly recommend the KiCad Forum.

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Hi, thanks for the tipp. It looks like the link you inserted is not working with me. Is this forum in the CE platform?

Strange. I checked the URL on my post and it is correct and I can access it. It could be related to the https and I am already signed on in my browser. I tried in an incognito window and I get a page telling me that the site is not secure.
The links that appear on a google search for “kicad info” are also fail to open.

Though I said I can access the main page, when I drill down to see if it is a known issue it is having problems rendering that page.

One of the admins needs to take a look.