NXP Contacts, imx6 expertise and High Assurance Boot knowledge

Hi all

I am looking into High Assurance Boot in the imx6 SOC from NXP and looking for anyone who may have knowledge or experience in this, or if anyone has a contact at NXP who I might be able to talk to?

Ben Foose and Rogerio Nunes are the New England area FAEs for iMX6 work.

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I’ve researched HAB on LayerScape. NXP required an NDA to get the SRM which has most of the relevant info.

@kc8apf yeah, thats been one of the problems! there are some application notes and the like, but for getting down to the details it’s hard to get all the info. but @nrc.reilly thanks for the tips mate - ill see if i can contact them

Fwiw, NXP is having a webinar on the topic: https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/3955402232063026187?source=eloqua&elq_mid=8346&elq_cid=2934786

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thanks @kc8apf! completely missed that