New STM32 + LoRa SoC

In case you missed it:

It’s a true SoC, as in everything is on one die. This makes it different than the Atmel LoRa parts, as far as I know. ST has also done a few nice things that Semtech hasn’t – notably documenting some features that Semtech was reticent to document (Semtech and ST have slightly different marketing objectives).

Naturally, it gets announced two weeks after I submit a STM32L4+SX127x design for prototype. :wink:


Ooh, very interesting, thanks for sharing. The combination would definitely simplify a couple of my designs. No pricing or availability info yet that I saw. Wonder if they’ll have non-BGA packages at some point, like the …WB line.

STM32WLE5J8 is $2.94 @ 10K units apparently, STM32WLE5JCI6 is $3.45 (they list the prices if you click Open product page and scroll to the bottom.

Which means it will be in the $2 range in volumes, maybe lower if it gets popular. That’s a similar price point as the SX1262 alone – maybe even slightly better.

That’s definitely a cool looking chip and I’m interested in trying it out. I always dislike the waiting game after these early announcements until the point when a dev kit is available.

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STM32L4 + SX1262 kits are readily available, and for FW purposes there’s 99% congruence. That’s what I’m using. Actually, I built my own because I’m cheap… using two cheap kits… and mounting tape… wires to come shortly.

This is how the complementary Nucleo board will look like.

Enthusiasts or professionals looking to prepare for the mass market availability of the STM32WL can start working on an STM32L4 Nucleo board and a Semtech expansion board such as the SX1262DVK1DAS, the SX1262DVK1CAS or the SX1262DVK1BAS.

Probably a good idea, especially because this tests just how serious I would be about jumping to this platform. If I’m just waiting for the shiny new thing to come out…well, I’m not really serious about it.

ST Microelectronics have an area at Embedded World which is happening Feb 25-27 Nuremberg for anyone nearby or intending to go. They usually have boards to give away. The catch is you usually have to register for them. Last year registration was at the event.

Appears that samples are available. I put in a request and hope to get a few ASAP.

But now I need to make a new PCB. The proto I made with discrete LoRa + STM32L4 is shipping (assembled) tomorrow. :neutral_face:

More news: there will be at least one vendor marketing a compact LGA module that includes this SoC plus companion circuits.

And something else: the clearances of the BGA are such that through-hole PCB fab with 0.76mm space/trace and 0.15mm drill will be sufficient. These days, that’s not exotic. You don’t need to go to Blind/Buried.

I will be building a PCB module for this part with integrated everything and header out. I’ll keep you informed.

I’d be interested in that module. I have been fantasizing about making my own board in my free time and then I remember I don’t have any of that :slight_smile: