New forum hosting site

This is an informational message: we have migrated to a hosted solution for the Discourse software running this forum. If you see any issues, please leave them down below. All emails should be coming from the same domain name ( and I expect you won’t see any interruption in service, but I’d love to know if you do.


Hi Chris,

Since the change I can’t load the forums using my home Internet connection. It seems the data-center at the destination is blocking the IP range of the ISP I am using at home. I opened a ticket for the ISP, they confirmed the issue but say that this is blocked further down the trace from them.
Perhaps you can contact the Discord hosting company about it. It might be affecting other people as well.
I will send the traces to your support[at] email address. If you need additional info feel free to contact me or pass my contact details to the techs at the data-center.