My experience with the NeoDen4


Would you please post something more about “all the quirks”?
That could be very useful.


I don’t think there is any position feedback. Current position is determined by the camera finding fiducials, then counting motor steps for the duration of that build.

One board had a terrible time with registration for some reason. I went back to KiCad and made a new Position file and then went through the Neoden setup again. Then it all worked better. No clue what went wrong.

If is VERY important that you never change the 1st component after doing the setup as that step is the basis of the KiCad [x,y] to machine position [x,y] determination. That calculation happens once at setup. If it is wrong, then I suggest starting over with a new KiCad .pos file.

I am not doing production quantities, so I have the speed set to 30% and for fine pitch devices (installed last), I use 10%. This works well for TSSOP pitch devices.